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Here we will introduce you to a new and innovative system for fighting forest and wild fires.

This summer, wild fires have destroyed tens of thousands of hectares of forest. The photos of tourists fleeing from wild fires in Greece shocked the whole world. In Portugal, fire fighters had no chance against wild fires when at times more than 60 different blazes were raging. In Australia, 150,000 hectares of forest were destroyed by bush fire at the beginning of the year 2006. In the US it is already a known fact that, with more than 1,200 large-area burn fires, the number of wild fires has risen compared to the year before. Each year wild fires destroy large natural regions, increasingly threaten housing areas, and result in billions of euros in expenses.


As a rule, helicopters and/or airplanes are indispensable in extinguishing a forest/wild fire. But, all over the world fleets of fire fighting planes are becoming obsolete. Additionally, the usual fire fighting systems can load only a few thousand litres of water. The loading of extinguishing water takes up a lot of time,despite the small amount of water involved, as all of today’s fire fighting planes have to land or land on water in order to load. This is exactly what does not need to do.

is an innovative technological solution for the still existent restrictions of the technology of fire fighting planes.

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